Who We Are

We are a community of Middle-Eastern, Melkite Catholic individuals, joined together by our love for Christ.

Update on Sunday Liturgy

We are continuing to have mass every Sunday at 11:00 am, but we have put precautions in place to keep all parishioners safe from COVID. Read more

New Church Plans

We have acquired a piece of land in Itasca, IL which will serve as the site for our new church. Read more.


We welcome any and all contributions.  Please click on the link below to make a contribution.

Household Information Update

We are currently transitioning our directory into a CRM system so we can better communicate with you and your family.  Please click here and provide any information you’re comfortable sharing. Thank you for your time!

Meet Our Leaders

Learn about the people who lead our church.

Father Rezkallah Samaan

Abouna Rezkallah has been a dedicated server of Christ for nearly 50 years. Read more.

Protodeacon Tony Shehata

As the longest serving member of our community, Protodeacon Tony is truly one of the pillars of our congregation. Read more

Deacon Fadi Rafidi

Deacon Fadi has been a valued member of St. John for more than 35 years. Read more

Engage in Our Community

Explore the many organizations that bring us together.

Ranging from preschool to 7th grade, our Sunday School program is designed to teach budding Christians the fundamentals of their faith in order to prepare them for a life with the church. Read more.

Upon completion of Sunday School, all teens from 8th grade to 12th grade begin NAMY, where they will continue to expand their knowledge on their faith, but additionally take the knowledge they learn and view it in real world settings. Read more.

Upon completion of NAMY, all college level and above adults move onto MAYA, where they discover the role their faith will play in the most prominent events of their life. Read more.

The PAC is a group of hardworking and passionate community leaders that act as a representative body of the Parish. Read more.

At the heart of our church, our Ladies’ Society unites all the ladies of our parish to do good for the church and build relationships with one another. Read more.

If you have a young child between 0-5 years old, Mother’s Support Group is the place for you!  Read more.

Working alongside the priest and deacons, the choir provides musical support to Sunday, Christmas, and Easter masses. Read more.

Although a small group, the ushers play a prominent role in every mass. The ushers are responsible for coordinating church operations during the liturgy. Read more.

The altar servers play a crucial role during masses. Read more.