The PAC is a group of hardworking and passionate community leaders that act as a representative body of the Parish. Meeting with Abouna Rezkallah, the PAC deliberates and acts in common agreement on matters that concern the good of the church and the parish.

Through the creation of new programs, events, and even building of a new church, the PAC ensures that we are educating our children, fostering a community of young adults, and developing Christian bonds amongst our families.

2021 St. John Parish Advisory Council Members

Fr. Rezkallah Samaan, Pastor

Adal Bisharat, President

Monika Alcheikh, Minutes Taker

Elias Tourjman, Member

Elias Yanaki, Member

Fadi Azar, Member

George Alcheikh, Member

Majed Dalloul, Member

Nicolas Tamer, Member

Nicola Yanaki, Member

Rachel Mady, Member

Rasha Nejmeh, Member

Renee Aldurra, Member

Rose Rizkallah, Member

Safaa Azar, Member

Sam Ferraye, Member

Samer Najjar, Member

Sarie Haddad, Member

Steve Shami, Member

Toufik Salem, Member

If you would like to contact the PAC for any questions or concerns, please send an email to

If you are interested in joining the PAC, pleaseĀ contact us here.