Father Rezkallah Samaan

Abouna Rezkallah has been a dedicated server of Christ for nearly 50 years.

Beginning his spiritual journey in 1972, Abouna Rezkallah spent 3 years at the Harrisa-Lebanon Seminary before traveling to the Patriarchal Seminary in Damascus for one year, receiving his high school diploma and beginning his study to receive his bachelor’s degree in French Literature. Abouna Rezkallah continued traveling back and forth from Lebanon to Syria, continuing his bachelor’s degree in Syria and additionally studying philosophy and theology in Lebanon.

Upon completion, he finalized his training and became officially ordained in 1986. Since his ordination, Abouna traveled to Syria, Lebanon, France, and San Diego, CA to spread God’s message in different churches and monasteries.

 In December of 2019, Abouna joined our parish as the new priest at St. John.